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Moments of the Month

Personalized Learning Environments (PLE)

PLE Learning Walks

This month administrators from our Personalize Learning Environment (PLE) sites gathered to tour Francis Scott Key and Sheridan Elementary Schools with a lens of agency.

Our Guiding Question was: How do teachers promote increased student agency while reaching rigorous grade-level academic standards? What evidence of the Equity and Agency mindset (one of our 4 mindsets for Personalized Learning) do we see?

  • In this walk, principals engaged in classroom observations at the schools and recorded notes to identify patterns and determine the next level of leadership work and program design for PLE. These walks were co-facilitated and co-planned with E'leva Hughes Gibson and Ben Klaus.
  • Within our Professional Growth and Development Working Group, we had the supervisors from 4 different content areas (i.e., ELA, Math, Science, CS) who visited Jose Ortega for learning walks. They were able to draw direct connections between our PLE work and the content they lead, identifying next steps in our partnerships to design for alignment.
  • Earlier this semester, based on a connection from the Cohort 1 assistant superintendent & director, we were able to assemble the PITCH schools from within the cohort to explore how PLE was supporting students in developing agency and ownership and to inform next steps at the site.

These photos were captured during our debrief, where we reflected on student agency within 4 categories identifying who the primary driver is (teachers, students, both), related to our work around Culturally Responsive teaching and moving students from dependent to independent learners. The categories we collected evidence on were talks time, work time, initiative, and technology usage.

Family-School Communications

Get School Messenger!

Send messages to students and their families by using the School Messenger app for iOS and Android.

  • Automatically set up your class roster when you log in with your SFUSD email
  • Set up custom groups as needed
  • Meet legally-mandated standards for protecting student data privacy
  • Allows families using the app to get messages from multiple schools and teachers in one place
  • Get 24/7 support from SchoolMessenger

Find out more at

Synergy Tip

School Sites, schedule your ParentVUE Training!

Support your families in their family-school communications with access to ParentVUE!

Families can:

  • View CAASPP Test Scores & Past Report Cards!
  • Update their contact information for phone and email anytime!
  • Receive notifications from the school site!
  • Communicate with your school site!
  • Set up automated grade and attendance notification for their students!

Send a ticket to our HelpDesk to schedule your ParentVUE Training!

DoT Tech Resources

Digital Learning

Scope and Sequence

Trying to figure out how students can leverage technology to amplify learning and close the digital divide in service of SFUSD’s Graduate Profile?

SFUSD's Digital Learning Scope & Sequence is your new, go-to resource, with a grade-level breakdown of best practices, recommended tools, and project ideas tied to SFUSD curriculum. Please share with educators at your site!

SFUSD Typing Club for All!

The Department of Technology is excited to announce that TypingClub is now free and available to all SFUSD students in 2nd - 12th grade in their Digital BackPack (Clever). What does that mean for teachers and students? Each student can go into Clever, click on the TypingClub icon and get started learning to keyboard! It is strongly suggested that students should have the opportunity to practice keyboarding in preparation for SBAC testing in the Spring. For more detailed information, check out the Getting Started Guide. Please submit a Help Desk ticket for any technical issues or requests for professional development at your site.

Tech+Equity: SFUSD and 1 Million Project

As the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) moves closer to achieving Vision 2025 and becoming a truly Digital District, increasingly more assignments will require 24/7 Internet access. However, there are still students within the District who do not have adequate Internet access at home. In support of these students, the Department of Technology (DoT) is excited to announce SFUSD has partnered with the 1Million Project (1MP).

The 1Million Project will provide to eligible SFUSD students free, portable hotspot devices with 10GB of high-speed LTE data and 2G of unlimited connectivity after 10GB of usage. SFUSD currently has 661 hotspots left to be distributed to students at a first-come-first-served basis. There may be future opportunities for SFUSD to receive more hotspots if there is sufficient demand. Link to Enrollment Form for Families here.

Learn more here.

To learn more about technology in SFUSD visit and follow us on Twitter @SFUSDdot .

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